Unhide Rows in Google Sheets: Simple Steps to Show Hidden Rows in Your Spreadsheet

February 6, 2024 0 By tech

You’ve got a sea of data in Google Sheets, and suddenly you notice some rows are playing hide-and-seek. Unhiding rows can reveal the important details you need for your analysis or report.This article will give you the easy steps to bring those hidden rows back into view, ensuring no information slips through the cracks. Let’s dive right in and get those missing pieces back on screen!

Key Takeaways

  • Spot hidden rows in Google Sheets by looking for gaps in row numbers or seeing arrows pointing to each other on the left side.
  • Click on these arrows, select “Unhide rows” from a right – click menu, or use CTRL + SHIFT + 9 as shortcuts to show hidden data.
  • Turn off filters if you can’t unhide rows since active filters might keep some information hidden.
  • For large tables, be careful when unhiding many rows at once because it could slow down your spreadsheet. Use filters and sorting to manage data better.
  • In smaller tables, quickly bring back hidden rows by selecting the nearby visible ones and choosing “Unhide Rows” from either a right-click or the format menu.

Identifying Hidden Rows in Google Sheets

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Look for gaps in the row numbers to find hidden rows. These missing numbers usually show where rows are hidden. Also, check the left side of your spreadsheet. You might see small arrows pointing towards each other.This is another sign that rows might be hidden right there.Keep an eye out for lines that look a bit thicker than others between the row numbers. These thick lines can mean that a row is hiding below them.

Methods to Unhide Rows in Google Sheets

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To unhide rows in Google Sheets, there are a few different methods you can use. Whether it’s using the arrows, selecting the unhide rows option, or utilizing keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + SHIFT + 9, there are various user-friendly options to choose from.
Unhiding rows
  • Look for small arrows along the row numbers on the left side of your spreadsheet. They show where rows are hidden.
  • Click the top arrow to reveal all rows above it or the bottom arrow for those below.
  • Watch as the hidden rows magically reappear between the two clicked points.
Selecting Unhide RowsHidden rows in Google Sheets can make data management tricky. You can quickly show these rows with a few clicks.
  • Look for the row numbers on the left side of your spreadsheet. Notice if any numbers are missing, because this means some rows are hidden.
  • Click on the row number above the hidden section. Then, hold down your mouse button.
  • Drag down to the row number below the hidden section. Now you have selected both visible and hidden rows.
  • Right – click anywhere on the selected area. A menu will pop up with different options.
  • Find and click on “Unhide rows” in this menu. The hidden rows will appear immediately.
Using Keyboard Shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + 9Press CTRL + SHIFT + 9 on your keyboard to quickly unhide rows in Google Sheets. This shortcut saves time, especially when working with large spreadsheets. It’s a handy trick that makes managing your data easier and faster.Just select the columns next to the hidden rows before using the command. After pressing the keys, you should see all the previously hidden rows appear instantly.Make sure no filters are active if this shortcut doesn’t work right away. Sometimes, turning off filter options is needed for all rows to show up again. Use this keyboard shortcut regularly to keep your spreadsheet organized and ensure you always have access to all your information.Removing FiltersTo remove filters in Google Sheets:
  • Click on the filter icon in the header of the column that has a filter applied.
  • Select “Filter” and then click “Turn off filter” from the dropdown menu.
  • Alternatively, go to the Data menu, select “Create a filter,” and then click on the same option to turn it off.
  • Once the filter is turned off, any hidden rows will become visible again.

Special Considerations for Unhiding Rows in Large Tables

Unhiding rows in large tables can be time-consuming, impacting productivity. Take into account the number of rows and columns before unhiding to avoid overwhelming the spreadsheet.Be cautious as unhiding many rows at once can slow down performance.Consider using filters to unhide specific rows rather than displaying everything at once. Utilize sorting functionality to rearrange data effectively without showing all hidden elements simultaneously.These strategies help manage large tables efficiently while minimizing potential disruptions.

Unhiding Rows in Smaller Tables

To unhide rows in smaller tables, select the row above and below the hidden row, right-click, and choose “Unhide Rows” from the menu. Alternatively, go to the top of the sheet and click on “Format,” then select “Row” and click “Unhide.” These methods swiftly reveal hidden data in smaller table settings without complexity or time-consuming processes.For efficient unhiding in small tables, use these techniques to quickly uncover any concealed information that may be affecting your spreadsheet’s accuracy or completeness.


In conclusion, uncovering hidden rows in Google Sheets is a breeze with these simple methods. Remember to check for indicators of hidden rows and remove filters if needed. Mastering these techniques empowers you to manage your data efficiently and avoid any surprises in your spreadsheets.Give it a try and unleash the full potential of your Google Sheets experience today!


1. How do I unhide rows in Google Sheets?

To unhide rows in Google Sheets, right-click on the row numbers next to the hidden rows and select “Unhide rows” from the menu.

2. Can I show hidden rows on my Android device?

Yes, you can show hidden rows in a spreadsheet on your Android device just like you would on a computer.

3. Will unhiding rows affect my spreadsheet formulas?

No, unhiding rows will not mess up your spreadsheet formulas, they’ll keep working as before.

4. Is unhiding different in Google Sheets compared to Microsoft Excel?

The steps to unhide are similar but might look slightly different between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel; both let you easily find and show hidden information.