Best New Proxy For School Chromebook

August 3, 2023 0 By tech

School Chromebooks are typically heavily restricted, thereby limiting your digital freedom. As a student, you are unable to access certain sites such as Roblox, YouTube, gaming sites, and proxy sites. The installation of software, including VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), and browser extensions is also prohibited. These limitations are in place due to internet censorship in schools, content filtering mechanisms, and stringent school network rules.

Why Use a Proxy on Your School Chromebook?

Because of these restrictions, the only way to access blocked sites on a Chromebook is by using a web proxy. A proxy server serves as a gateway between you and the internet. It provides an alternative route for your internet traffic, which allows you to bypass school firewall restrictions. The process also involves data encryption, ensuring a secure connection and enhancing your online security and student privacy.

Best New Working Proxies for School Chromebooks

For students to access blocked websites on these devices, they must use a working web proxy. Although popular proxies like, Hidester, KProxy,, and Megaproxy might be already blocked, there are still some reliable proxies that can be used.

If you’re in need of a reliable proxy to unblock websites on your school Chromebook, consider using one of the following web proxies. They are tried and tested, providing a seamless browsing experience without compromising internet access at school:

Proxy SiteURL
Campus Directions
CaculatorGeo Beta 1
CaculatorGeo Beta 2
CaculatorGeo Beta 3
CaculatorGeo Beta 4
CaculatorGeo Beta 5
CaculatorGeo Beta 6
CaculatorGeo Beta 7
ElasticMan Online
Gafi Radar
NY Gafi Radar
QAG99 Online
Class QAG99
Burnout Drift
TunnelRush Love
Play 2048
Factory Balls

Important Note: Remember, these proxies are only tools to help you access educational content that may be unnecessarily blocked by your school’s Internet policies. They should not be used to access inappropriate or harmful content.

Other Methods to Access Blocked Websites on Chromebook

While using a proxy is the most common method to bypass school restrictions on a Chromebook, there are other techniques students can employ. These include:

  1. Using a Mobile Hotspot: Students can bypass the school network by creating a mobile hotspot on their phones and connecting their Chromebooks to it. This method, however, may incur additional data charges and should be used sparingly.
  2. Leveraging Google Translate: Google Translate can act as a makeshift proxy. Students can copy the URL of the blocked site, paste it into the translate box, and click on the translated URL, which should allow access to the blocked site.

For more detailed instructions on these and other methods, check out this comprehensive guide to Bypass the Administrator on School Chromebook.

Wrapping It Up

Proxies are your key to unblocking websites on your school Chromebook and enjoy unrestricted access to important online learning tools. Remember, while proxies provide you the freedom to bypass school restrictions, they must be used responsibly, keeping in mind the need for safe browsing, internet security, and adhering to student internet use policies.