Why Is Someone Still on My Followed List When I Unfollowed Them on Instagram?

March 5, 2024 0 By tech

Have you ever unfollowed someone on Instagram, only to see they’re still on your following list? This can happen for several reasons, from internet connection issues to glitches within the app itself.

This blog post will guide you through why this issue occurs and offer practical steps to resolve it effectively. Let’s dive in and clean up that following list!

Key Takeaways

  • If you can’t unfollow someone on Instagram, it might be because of a weak internet connection. Make sure your internet is stable before trying again.
  • There’s also a thing called a temporary unfollow ban. If you follow or unfollow too many people quickly, Instagram might stop you from doing it for a while.
  • Sometimes, problems with the app or browser are why someone still shows up after you unfollow them. Clearing your cache could help fix this.
  • Accidentally following someone again after you’ve unfollowed them is another reason they might still be on your list. Double-check to make sure you didn’t hit “follow” by mistake.
  • To keep your feed clean and private, regularly manage who you’re following on Instagram and make sure they align with what interests and matters to you.

Reasons Why Someone is Still on Your Followed List After Unfollowing

Weak internet connection and temporary unfollow bans can lead to an incomplete unfollow action. Technical glitches on Instagram or issues with the browser/app might also cause this problem.

Accidentally following someone again could be another reason for them still appearing on your followed list after unfollowing.

Weak internet connection

A poor internet connection could be why you can’t unfollow someone on Instagram. Your command to unfollow might not go through if the internet is slow or unstable. This makes it seem like you’re still following them even if you tried to stop.

The app needs a good network to update your actions, including removing followers from your list.

To fix this, find a stronger Wi-Fi signal or switch to mobile data if Wi-Fi is the problem. Ensuring your device has a stable connection helps make sure that your request to unfollow goes through successfully.

Always check your following list after changing your internet source to confirm the action was completed.

Temporary unfollow ban

If you receive a temporary unfollow ban on Instagram, you won’t be able to unfollow any more users for a specific period. This can lead to individuals remaining on your followed list despite attempting to remove them.

The ban usually occurs when you unfollow or follow a large number of accounts in a short time, triggering Instagram’s spam detection system.

Instagram imposes these limits to prevent spamming and maintain user experience. To fix this issue, wait for the temporary ban to lift before attempting to unfollow the intended users again.

Technical glitches on Instagram

If someone you’ve unfollowed still appears on your following list, technical glitches on Instagram could be the culprit. A glitch in the app may delay the removal of an account from your following list after you’ve unfollowed them.

It’s essential to report such issues to Instagram so they can investigate and resolve the technical problem swiftly and ensure smooth user experience for all.

Remembering that a technical glitch might be behind someone remaining on your followed list after being unfollowed is crucial when troubleshooting such scenarios. Reporting any issues promptly and being patient as Instagram resolves them will help you manage your following list more effectively in the future.

Issues with browser/app

Weak internet connection or technical glitches on the Instagram browser or app can cause someone to still appear on your followed list after unfollowing them. Clearing the cache and checking your internet connectivity may help resolve this issue, ensuring that your following list accurately reflects your actions.

Accidentally followed them again

If you accidentally follow someone again after unfollowing them, it may take some time for the action to reflect accurately in your following list due to technical issues or a lag in the system.

Checking both your following list and the person’s profile can help confirm if the accidental follow occurred. Keep in mind that unfollowing someone means you will no longer see their content in your feed, but it does not automatically remove them from your following list, so be cautious when managing your connections on Instagram.

If an unfollowed user still appears on your followed list after you deliberately removed them, ensure that you didn’t accidentally follow them again as this could delay the accurate reflection of your unfollow actions.

How to Fix the Issue

Check your internet connection and ensure it’s stable before making any changes to your follow list. If you encounter a temporary unfollow ban, patiently wait for it to lift and then recheck the status of the user you want to unfollow.

Check internet connection

Ensure a stable internet connection when unfollowing on Instagram. Weak connectivity can cause delays in updating your following list.

If someone still appears after unfollowing, consider checking and improving your internet connection to ensure smooth profile updates.

Wait for temporary unfollow ban to lift

If you are facing an issue with unfollowing someone on Instagram and they still appear on your followed list, it could be due to a temporary unfollow ban. During this period, the action of unfollowing may not immediately reflect on your account, and the person you unfollowed will continue to appear on your following list until the ban is lifted.

To resolve this, you can simply wait for some time as Instagram’s temporary bans typically have a duration before normal functionality resumes. It’s important to note that during this time, even if you attempt to unfollow again, the action may not take effect until the ban is lifted.

Patience is key in such situations as waiting for the ban to lift will eventually rectify the issue and remove the person from your followed list after successfully unfollowing them.

Report technical issue to Instagram

If you encounter a technical issue on Instagram, navigate to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner. Then select “Settings” followed by “Help.” Choose “Report a Problem” and describe the issue clearly.

Include relevant details like device type, operating system, and app version for efficient troubleshooting.

In case of persistent problems with unfollowing or following, consider updating the Instagram app to the latest version as this may resolve technical glitches that affect these functions.

Clear browser/app cache

To resolve issues with the Instagram following list, try clearing the browser or app cache. This can help remove any stored data causing the unfollowing problem. Clearing the cache can often fix technical glitches and ensure that your following list reflects accurate updates.

Double check before following someone

Before following someone, ensure that you truly want to connect with their content. It’s vital to review and confirm your decision before clicking the follow button on Instagram. This prevents cluttering your feed and maintains genuine connections in your online network.

Double-checking also plays a key role in protecting your privacy and ensuring that you’re fostering meaningful relationships within your social media circle.

Always review the content of someone’s profile before deciding to follow them. Verify if their posts align with your interests and values, promoting an enriching experience on Instagram.

Importance of Managing Your Following List

Managing your following list is crucial to keep a clutter-free feed and protect your privacy on Instagram. It helps in maintaining genuine connections while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Avoid cluttered feed

Having a cluttered feed on Instagram can make it challenging to see posts from the accounts you’re genuinely interested in. When your following list is filled with irrelevant or unfollowed accounts, it leads to a cluttered feed experience.

This can impact your overall user experience and make it difficult to engage with the content that matters most to you, potentially missing out on updates from friends, family, or favorite accounts.

To ensure an uncluttered feed, it’s essential to manage your following list actively by regularly unfollowing inactive or irrelevant accounts. By doing so, you can streamline your feed and focus on the content that aligns with your interests and preferences.

Protect privacy

To protect privacy on Instagram, managing your following list is crucial. By unfollowing accounts you no longer wish to engage with, you can control who has access to your posts and updates, as well as limit the content that appears in your feed.

Unfollowing individuals also helps maintain genuine connections and ensures that only trusted followers can view your shared information. Additionally, regularly reviewing and managing your following list prevents clutter in your feed and safeguards your online presence from unwanted interactions.

Maintaining a curated following list not only fosters meaningful connections but also shields personal content from unfamiliar or undesired eyes. Regularly auditing the accounts you follow is fundamental for safeguarding online privacy and controlling the visibility of your shared content.

Maintain genuine connections

It’s important to manage your following list on Instagram to maintain genuine connections. By keeping your feed clutter-free, you can focus on the content that matters most to you.

Additionally, managing your followers ensures that your privacy is protected and helps you stay connected with those who truly matter in your social network.

Managing social media connections allows you to cultivate meaningful relationships while avoiding the noise of irrelevant content. This not only safeguards your privacy but also fosters genuine interactions with the people who hold significance in your online community.


In conclusion, managing your Instagram following list is essential to ensure a clutter-free feed and protect your privacy. When someone remains on your followed list after unfollowing them, it could be due to technical glitches, weak internet connection, or accidental re-following.

Take proactive steps to fix the issue by checking your internet connection, waiting for temporary bans to lift, reporting technical problems to Instagram, clearing browser/app cache, and being mindful before following someone again.

By understanding these reasons and taking necessary actions, you can maintain genuine connections and enjoy a streamlined experience on social media.


1. Why is someone I unfollowed still on my followed list on Instagram?

Sometimes, social media algorithms take a bit of time to update your actions. If you’ve just unfollowed someone, give it a few moments to reflect in your followed list.

2. How do I make sure I’ve unfollowed someone on Instagram?

To be sure you’ve unfollowed someone, visit their profile and check if the “Follow” button appears. If it does, that means you have successfully unfollowed them.

3. Can the person I unfollow know that I removed them from my followers?

Instagram does not send notifications for unfollowing actions, so they won’t get an alert when you unfollow them.

4. What should I do if after trying again the person is still on my following list?

If retrying doesn’t work, try logging out and back into your account or uninstall and reinstall the app to refresh the system’s record of your followings.

5. Is there a limit to how many people I can unfollow on Instagram at once?

Yes, Instagram has limits on daily activities including following and unfollowing users to prevent spam behavior; excessive actions might temporarily lock this feature.