What Does CFS (Close Friend Story) Mean on Instagram?

March 3, 2024 0 By tech

Have you ever seen a story on Instagram with a green circle and wondered what it means? CFS stands for Close Friends Story, a special feature introduced by Instagram in 2018. This blog will dive into everything you need to know about CFS, from creating your list to maintaining privacy.

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Key Takeaways

  • CFS on Instagram lets you share stories only with people you choose as Close Friends. It started in 2018.
  • To make a Close Friends list, go to your profile settings, then add or remove friends whenever you want.
  • Only the people on your Close Friends list can see these special stories. They’ll know they’re included when they see a green circle around your story.
  • Keep your shared content private by being picky about who you add to your Close Friends. Check and update this list often.
  • If someone’s not on another person’s Close Friends list, they can’t see that person’s CFS posts.

What is CFS on Instagram?

CFS on Instagram stands for Close Friend Story, a feature that allows users to share content exclusively with a select group of their followers. It is a private sharing tool where users can create a list of close friends and share stories that only those selected friends can view.

Definition of CFS

CFS stands for Close Friends Story on Instagram. It lets users share posts with a special list of people they consider close friends. This feature makes sure only chosen followers see your private story.

Introduced in 2018, it gives you a way to post exclusive content for select friends. People know they’re part of your Close Friends when they see a green ring around your profile photo or a Close Friends label on your stories.

Adding someone to this list allows them access to personal and private stories that you don’t share with all followers. The idea is to make sharing more personal on the social media platform.

Users enjoy the privacy it offers, letting them control who sees specific content within their vast network of Instagram friends.

History of CFS on Instagram

In 2018, Instagram introduced the Close Friends Story feature, allowing users to share posts exclusively with a select group of friends. This update aimed to provide a more private and personalized sharing experience for users on the platform.

Before this feature, all stories were visible to all followers, making it difficult for users to share personal or selective content without it being widely accessible.

The introduction of Close Friends Stories addressed the need for privacy and selective sharing on Instagram. This new feature brought about a shift in how users could engage with their close circle and allowed them to share moments that they might not have otherwise shared publicly.

How to Use CFS on Instagram

Create a Close Friends List on Instagram by selecting the friends you want to share your CFS with. Post a Close Friends Story by choosing the “Close Friends” option when adding to your Instagram story.

Creating a Close Friends List

To create a Close Friends list on Instagram,

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  2. Select “Close Friends” from the menu.
  3. Tap “Add” next to the friends you want to include in your Close Friends list.
  4. You can also search for specific friends using the search bar at the top of the screen.
  5. Once you’ve added all the friends you want, tap “Done.”

Posting a Close Friends Story

To post a Close Friends Story on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Close Friends” option when creating an Instagram Story.
  2. This allows you to choose who can view this specific story.
  3. Your selected Close Friends will be the only ones who can see this story.
  4. Use this feature to share more personal or private content with a specific group of friends.
  5. Once posted, your Close Friends will receive a notification that you have added a new story for them to view.
  6. Keep in mind that only those on your Close Friends list will have access to these posts, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.
  7. By using the Close Friends Story feature, you can communicate and interact with a select group of people in a more personalized way.

Privacy Concerns and Tips

Protect your CFS by adjusting privacy settings. Safeguard your personal information and control who can view your close friends’ stories.

How to Keep Your CFS Private

To keep your CFS private on Instagram:

  1. Use the “Close Friends” list only for trusted individuals, this will ensure that only a select group of people have access to your private stories.
  2. Regularly review and update your Close Friends list to maintain control over who sees your personal content.
  3. Avoid sharing sensitive or personal information in Close Friends Stories to minimize the risk of unauthorized viewing.
  4. Be cautious when adding new contacts to your Close Friends list as this could compromise the privacy of your CFS posts.
  5. Adjust your account privacy settings to restrict who can add you to their Close Friends list, giving you control over who can view your private stories.

How to View Someone Else’s CFS

To view someone else’s CFS on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the Stories section.
  2. Look for a green ring around the profile photo or a “Close Friends” label on their story.
  3. If no green ring or label is visible, it means you are not on their Close Friends list and cannot view their CFS.
  4. If you are on their Close Friends list, tap on their profile photo to view their Close Friends Story.
  5. Enjoy viewing the personal or private content they have shared exclusively with their close friends through the CFS feature.

Alternatives to CFS on Instagram

Try turning off Close Friends or exploring other features for sharing with select groups. There are several options available to customize your Instagram sharing experience.

Turning Off Close Friends

To turn off the Close Friends feature on Instagram, go to your profile and tap on “Close Friends” in the side menu. Then, select “Edit” in the top right corner and remove friends from your Close Friends list by tapping on the green checkmark next to their names.

After removing them, tap “Done”. This action will ensure that these friends no longer see your Close Friends Stories.

To disable the Close Friends Story feature completely, go back to “Close Friends” in your profile settings and tap on “Options”. Then, toggle off “Show on profile”, so no one can view your Close Friends list publicly.

Other Features for Sharing with Select Groups

Instagram also offers the option to create and share Instagram Stories with specific groups using the “Close Friends” feature. This allows users to restrict their story audience to a particular group of selected friends, maintaining privacy while sharing personal content.

In addition, Instagram provides the option to turn off the Close Friends feature altogether if users prefer not to utilize it for sharing select group stories.

Furthermore, Instagram’s Direct Messaging feature enables users to share posts directly with individuals or select groups. This feature allows for more personalized communication and targeted sharing while maintaining control over who sees the content.


In summary, CFS (Close Friend Story) on Instagram is a feature for sharing private posts with a select group. It allows users to create exclusive content visible only to those on their Close Friends list.

With privacy being a growing concern, CFS offers a way to share personal moments with specific friends while keeping other followers at bay. Understanding the meaning and functionality of CFS empowers users to navigate Instagram’s communication tools more effectively.


1. What does the abbreviation CFS stand for on Instagram?

CFS stands for Close Friend Story, a feature on Instagram where you can share stories with a select group of friends.

2. How do I use the CFS feature on Instagram?

To use the CFS feature, go to your story settings and choose which of your followers you want to add to your Close Friends list. Then, when you post a story, you can choose to share it only with these selected friends.

3. Can everyone see my Close Friend Stories?

No, only the people you’ve added to your Close Friends list can see your Close Friend Stories (CFS) on Instagram.

4. Why is CFS useful as a communication tool?

CFS allows you to share more personal or private moments with just close friends rather than all of your followers, making it an effective way to control who sees certain content.

5. Is using CFS a common practice in social media terminology?

Yes, using features like CFS has become common in social media lingo and online platforms as users seek more personalized ways to communicate and share content with specific groups of friends.