How To Watch TV On Samsung Smart TV Without Cable

November 6, 2022 0 By tech

To watch TV on Samsung Smart TV without cable, you can use a Samsung TV Plus and you need an Internet connection to access it. Samsung TV Plus is free, you don’t need to pay any subscription to watch local news and on-demand content. Another free TV streaming service is LocalCast but it has been shut down in 2021 because of a lawsuit. This is because federal law allows major broadcasters to charge paid TV operators, cable, and live TV streamers to carry their channels.

Below is a streaming service that you can use to watch TV without cable.

Samsung TV Plus

Special for Samsung Smart TV owners, you can use Samsung TV Plus to watch 200 plus live TV channels and thousands of movies and shows for free. Samsung TV Plus already includes all the latest Samsung Smart TV. You can watch regular TV programs, popular News, Entertainment, Crime, Game Shows, Sports, Food, Home & Travel, Reality, Latino, International, Comedy, Gaming, Kids, Science & Nature, Sci-Fi & Horror, Movies, and Music.

Samsung TV Plus News Channels List

Samsung TV Plus News Channels List

You can see the full channels list at

List of Live TV Streaming Services with No Cable (Samsung TV Plus Alternative)

Before you choose paid TV streaming services, beware that not all tv streaming services carry all your TV stations.

1. YouTube TV

Youtube TV offers more than 10 local TV channels, including ABC 7, CBS 2, FOX 5, My 9, NBC 4, WLIW PBS, NJ PBS, THIRTEEN PBS, SNYHD, Telemundo NY, PIX 11, WFUT, WXTV, and WLNY TV. But not all states can access all these channels, in some states could be fewer channels. To check channels that are available in your region you can enter your zip code at

Besides local TV YouTube TV also provide sports, news, lifestyle, family, and other channels that you can purchase as Addon.

Price: $64.99/month, $54.99 for the first 3 months.

No contract.

YouTube TV Channels List

Youtube Tv Channels List

2. Hulu + TV Live

Beside on-demand content on Hulu Basic, Hulu + TV Live also offers local TV and Live TV. Like YouTube TV each region has a different number of local TV that can be watched. For example in New York, you can watch ABC 7, ABC Local, WLNY 1055, WCBS, FOX 5, NBC, SNY, Telemundo 47, and The CW. Other regions may have different local TV, you check it by entering your zip at

Complete Hulu + Live TV Channel

Hulu Live TV Channels List

Channels above not including premium networks that you purchase as add-ons.

Price: $69.99/month

3. DIRECTV Stream

DirecTV Stream offers both national and local TV on all their package. Each region also has a different TV channels list, for example, this is channels for Los Angeles: ABC, Independent, CBS, My13, PBS, Univision, NBC, FOX, Telemundo, Bally Sports SoCal, Bally Sports West, Spectrum SportsNet, and SportsNet LA. You can check available channels for your region at

Directv Stream has 4 packages Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. if you confuse about what package to choose, they will help you choose the right package by answering some interactive questions at

Price: From $69.99/month to $149.99/month

4. Local News App

Some local TV stations have some apps that you can install on your smart TV and watch live news. For example, Live10 has the app Local10 News – WPLG that can be used to watch live news.

Price: Free

TV Streaming Service Comparison Table

NameTotal ChannelsPriceLocal Channels
YouTube TV100+$64.99/month10+ channels (depending on user region)
Hulu + Live TV75+$69.99/month6+ channels (depending on user region)
Directv75+ and 150+ for the highest package$69.99/month to 149.99 / month10+ channels (depending on user region)
Samsung TV Plus1000+Free on Samsung Smart TV200+

Those are the top 3 streaming service that offers local TV channels more than other TV streaming services. There are others like Paramount+, Peacock, and Sling, but they only offer 1 or 2 Live TV.

Using TV Streaming (No Cable) or Antenna (Using Cable)

TV Streaming

– Use it if the antenna signal in your area is bad

– You have a high-speed internet connection, 8 Mbps minimum.

– You don’t mind paying a monthly fee. By paying a subscription you can watch your favorite TV and access on-demand content including Movies and TV Series.


– Use an antenna if your area has a good TV signal. it will be better if you can use an internal antenna.

– You don’t mind having an extra cable on your wall.


Compared to other streaming service Samsung TV Plus is the winner. Samsung TV Plus is free but has more news channels and thousands of movies and TV Series channels compared to another streaming service. Samsung TV Plus is available in 23 countries including United States, Finland, India, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, Canada, Thailand, Italy, South Korea, Denmark, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden.


Do You Need Cable For A Smart TV?

Smart TV needs cable for Internet if using LAN, Antenna Cable if you use an antenna to watch TV, and an HDMI cable if you use satellite TV.

Does A Smart TV Need A Cable Box?

No. Smart TV already has a feature to stream directly from your TV. You watch Netflix, DisneyHotStar, or use Samsung TV Plus if you have Samsung Smart TV.