Fixing Nest Thermostat Already Connected To An Account

November 27, 2022 0 By tech

Factory reset is a quick way to fix Thermostat already connected to an account. This will reset the Thermostat data and settings and will disconnect from the Nest previous account. After resetting your nest settings you will be able to add your Nest thermostat using QR Code or Entry Key.

Step by Step How to Connect Nest Thermostat when It’s Say Already Connected To An Account

This error usually happens when you try to add a Nest thermostat that was previously already connected to a Google account.

Setup Google Home

1. Open Google Home. Go to Settings > Delete this home.

2. Now you need to create new home. Click on Get Started > Setup new Devices > Create another home.

3. Enter your home name, and select continue anyway.

4. Google home will search new device, and cancel it.

Setup Nest App

1. Login with Google. Uninstall and Reinstall Nest app if you have already login.

2. On home setup, choose Home that you have created on Google Home.

3. Follow the step until finish, you will see Home name on your Nest app.

Factory Reset Nest Thermostat

Factory reset will reset all settings and you will new Entry Key and QR Code to connect with your Nest app. This will disconnect Nest thermostats from the previous Google Account, so you can add it to your account. Without doing a Factory Reset you will get already connected to an account message.

1. Go to Settings > Reset > All Settings.

2. Choose Reset.

3. Nest will be reboot. You will need to setup your Nest thermostat again.

4. When you asked to add Nest to your account, choose Not Now.

Nest Setup

5. After setup finishes, go to Settings > Nest App.

6. Now there are QR Code & Entry key menus. Choose QR Code.

Nest QR Code Entry Key

7. Open the Nest app, choose Add product, then scan QR Code on the Nest Thermostat.

8. Choose Already installed.

9. Nest app will try to connect to Nest Thermostat and your Nest thermostat display will show a dot spinning on the screen. Click Try again if failed.

10. You may also try several times when choosing a thermostat place.

11. When succeeded you will see your Nest thermostats on the Nest app and Google Home.

Repeat all steps above if you have more than one thermostat.