Best Video Doorbell Camera With Local Storage (HomeBase & SD Card)

December 10, 2022 0 By tech

Eufy Video Doorbell is the best choice for doorbells camera with HomeBase local storage. Eufy security doorbell has the most important features for doorbells with Homebase. Eufy Security Doorbell has a long-lasting battery( up to 6 months), military-grade encrypted local storage, a camera with WDR, Dual Power Options, Alexa compatibility, 2k resolution, IP65 Weatherproof, and large storage capacity.

Eufy Security Doorbell Features

Long-lasting Battery: A doorbell with a long-lasting battery can be placed anywhere in the home, without the need for a nearby power outlet. A long-lasting battery can ensure that the doorbell continues to function even when it is not connected to a power outlet. This can be particularly important in situations where the doorbell is relied upon for security or convenience.

– Military-grade Encrypted Local Storage: Military-grade encrypted local storage provide a secure and reliable way to store the footage recorded by the doorbell’s camera, protecting the footage from unauthorized access and ensuring that it remains private and confidential.

WDR, or Wide Dynamic Range, is a feature on some cameras that allows for the capture of a wider range of light and dark areas in a single image. This can be particularly useful in situations where there is a large contrast between light and dark areas in the scene, such as when shooting outdoors on a sunny day. WDR cameras use multiple exposures and advanced image processing algorithms to capture and combine the different light levels in the scene, resulting in an image with more detail and less overexposure or underexposure. This can improve the overall quality and clarity of the image, especially in challenging lighting conditions.

Sample Picture with WDR and not using WDR


Dual Power Options: A doorbell with dual power options is a type of smart doorbell that can be powered by either a built-in battery or a wired connection to the home’s electrical system. This provides the user with flexibility in how they power the doorbell and can help to ensure that the doorbell remains operational even in the event of a power outage.

Alexa Compatible: This allows the user to control the doorbell and access its features using voice commands with Alexa.

2k Resolution: A doorbell with 2k resolution can provide the user with a clear, detailed view of who is at the door. Additionally, a doorbell with 2k resolution can also provide a wider field of view. This can allow the user to see more of the area around the door, which can be useful for surveillance or for determining the person’s intentions.

IP65 Weatherproof: The first digit (6) indicates that the enclosure is dust-tight, while the second digit (5) indicates that it is protected against water jets. In practical terms, this means that a doorbell with an IP65 rating can withstand exposure to dust and water without being damaged. This can be particularly useful for doorbells that are installed outside, as they can continue to function effectively even in adverse weather conditions.

Large Storage Capacity: With 16 GB storage you can save many recorded videos. Eufy doorbell user says that he has 485 short recorded clips, you still have 13.43 Gb available space.

Video Doorbell With Local Storage (HomeBase)

Doorbell with HomeBase will save all their recorded video in HomeBase. Doorbell and the HomeBase not using wifi to communicate with each other. When wifi down doorbell can still record the video and save it to Homebase, but can’t see the video until wifi up again.

Only a few video doorbells have HomeBase to save the video. I search on and only found these 3 doorbells. These 3 doorbells have fantastic features, but each has a special feature.

NameStorage CapacityPriceSpecial Features
Eufy Security Video Doorbell 16 GB$199.99– Military-grade AES-256 data encryption
– Sony 2K sensor with WDR
– Alexa & Google Voice Assistant Compatible
– 180-Day Battery Life
– Dual Power Options: Battery & Wire
– Base Station also functions as a chime
WUUK Smart Doorbell32 GB$119.99– Triple Motion Detection
– Alexa & Amazon Echo Compatible
– Family Share
– Dual Power Options: Battery & Wire
AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless8 GB (60 Days Loop Recording)$119.99– 5MP Ultra HD Camera with WDR
– Triple Motion Detection
– support 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Wifi
– Work with Alexa & Google Assistant

All this doorbell has the features below:

1. No Monthly Fees

Doorbell with HomeBase does not need cloud storage to save the video, so you don’t need to pay for a subscription. Paid cloud storage is also still available if you to use it.

2. 2K resolution

With 2k resolution, you will get a video with 2,048 x 1,080 pixels. This will make sure you will get good video quality.

3. Efficient Human Detection

Human Detection is a very important feature of doorbells. Without good human detection, you will get many notifications when something passes your doorbell. With human detection, you will only get a notification when a human is in front of your door, it’s also can distinguish between animals and humans.

Pros Using Doorbell with Base Station as Local Storage

  • No need to pay for a monthly subscription
  • In the event of an internet outage, your doorbell will still be able to record footage and save it to the base station’s local storage.
  • Local storage allows you to access recorded footage faster and more reliably since it doesn’t depend on internet connectivity.
  • Local storage provides an extra layer of security since the footage is stored on your own device and is not transmitted over the internet.


  • If the base station is stolen or damaged, the recorded footage may be lost or become inaccessible.
  • Potential compatibility issues: If you decide to switch to a different doorbell or base station in the future, there is no guarantee that the new devices will be compatible with the recordings stored on the old base station. This could make it difficult or impossible to access your old recordings.

Overall, using a doorbell with HomeBase local storage can provide a more convenient and secure way to store and access recorded footage.

Is HomeBase Storage Expandable?

No. You can’t add extra storage on your doorbell HomeBase.

Video Doorbell With SD Card (Memory Card)

The best choice for a video doorbell with SD Card is XTU WiFi Video Doorbell Camera. This video doorbell has the most important features such as IP66 Waterproof, Anti-Theft Alarm, Multi-user sharing, Dual Power Options, 2K Ultra HD video quality, and a Noise-canceling mic.

XTU WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Features

IP66 Waterproof: IP66 rating for waterproofing is to provide protection against water damage. An IP66 rating indicates that the doorbell is dust-tight and can withstand powerful water jets from any direction. Having a doorbell with this level of waterproofing is important because it ensures that the doorbell can continue to function properly even in wet or rainy conditions. This can be particularly useful if the doorbell is installed outside, where it may be exposed to water from rain or snow.

Anti-Theft Alarm: A doorbell with an anti-theft alarm is to help prevent the doorbell from being stolen. A doorbell with an anti-theft alarm is typically equipped with sensors that can detect when the doorbell has been tampered with or removed from its mounting.

Multi-user sharing: A doorbell with multi-user sharing allows multiple users to access and control the doorbell from their own devices. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when multiple people live in the same home or when multiple people need to be able to access the doorbell for security or convenience purposes.

Dual Power Options: The battery power option allows the doorbell to be installed and used without needing to be connected to a power outlet. The wired power option, on the other hand, allows the doorbell to be powered through a standard electrical outlet. This can provide a more stable and reliable power source and can be a good option for installations where a power outlet is easily accessible.

Noise-canceling mic: A doorbell with a noise-canceling microphone is a type of smart doorbell that is equipped with a microphone that is designed to filter out background noise. By reducing background noise, the microphone can produce clearer, more intelligible audio that is easier for the user to understand.

The video doorbell with an SD card will have a built-in SD card slot, allowing users to store video footage on the device without the need for an additional cloud storage subscription. This can be useful for users who want to save video footage for later viewing or for those who do not want to pay for a cloud storage subscription.

NameSD Card CapacityPowerPriceSpecial Features
XTU WiFi Video Doorbell CameraUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery & Wire$49.99– Chime include
– 2K Ultra HD
– Group Sharing
– IP65 Waterproof
– Dual Power Options: Battery & Wire
– Support PC Preview
– Noise-canceling mic
– Anti-Theft Alarm

– Multiple-user Sharing
Kasa Smart Video DoorbellUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Wire$49.99– Chime include
– Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible
– 3MP 2K Resolution
– IP65 Waterproof
Vtechvat Doorbell CameraUp to 128 GB Micro SD (64 GB included)9200mAh Battery$79.99– can be used for 6-8 months on a full charge
– Chime include
MUBVIEW Wireless Doorbell CameraUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery$79.99– Chime includes, but the connection to the doorbell is only available using USB.
– Anti-Theft Alarm
CEYOMUR WiFi Video Doorbell CameraUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery$79.99– Chime include
– 1080p-grade video
Cococam WiFi Video DoorbellUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery$64.00– Chime include
– Anti-Theft Alarm
– 1080P Full HD
– IP66 Waterproof
– Multi-user sharing
TECGUUD WiFi Doorbell CameraUp to 128 GB Micro SD (32 GB included)Battery$75.00– Chime include
– 1080P FHD Video
– Anti-Theft Alarm
– Multiple-user Sharing
Euki Door Bell Ringer WirelessUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery$53.99– Chime include
– 2K HD New Version
– Anti-Theft Alarm
– Multiple-user Sharing
Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera ProUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Wire$89.99– Chime include
– 1080P HD Resolution

ZUMIMALL 2K FHD Doorbell Camera WirelessUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery$78.99– Chime include
– IP66 Waterproof
– 2K 3MP FHD Image
MYPIN 2K WiFi Video Doorbell CameraUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)Battery & Wire$89.99– Chime include
– 2k Resolution
– Dual Power Options
– Work with Alexa
Nooie 2K Wireless Video DoorbellUp to 128 GB Micro SD (Not included)9700 mAh Removable Battery (Upgradeable)$199.99– Chime include
– 2k Resolution
– Support 5G Wi-Fi
– Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible
– Award-Winning Design
– Safety Lock + Anti-Theft Alarm

All Doorbell above has this feature:

1. Human Detection:

The main advantage of a doorbell with human detection is that it can reduce false alarms and notifications. Traditional doorbells may be triggered by a variety of objects and movements, such as leaves blowing in the wind or animals walking by. A doorbell with human detection can help to filter out these false triggers and only alert the user when a person is actually present.

2. Night Vision

The main advantage of a doorbell with night vision is that it provides the user with visibility of who is at the door at all times, regardless of the lighting conditions. This can provide an added layer of security, as the user can see who is at the door even in the dark.

3. Two-way Audio

The main purpose of a doorbell with Two-way talk is to provide a convenient and secure way for the user to communicate with the person at the door. With this technology, the user can talk to the person at the door without having to physically open the door. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, including managing deliveries, screening visitors, and verifying the person’s identity.

Pros of using Doorbell With SD Card

One of the main benefits of a video doorbell with an SD card as local storage is that it allows you to store the recordings locally, rather than relying on cloud storage. Some other benefits of this type of video doorbell include:

  1. Privacy: Local storage means that your recordings are not stored on a remote server where they could potentially be accessed by others. This can provide an added layer of privacy and security for your recordings.
  2. Accessibility: With local storage, you can access your recordings even if you do not have an internet connection. This can be useful if you want to review footage while you are away from home or if your internet goes down.
  3. Cost savings: Cloud storage can be expensive, particularly if you have a large number of recordings. Local storage can be a more cost-effective option, as you only need to pay for the initial cost of the SD card and any replacement cards as needed.
  4. Flexibility: Local storage allows you to choose where you want to store your recordings. You can choose an SD card that is large enough to accommodate all of your recordings, or you can swap out the card for a larger one as needed. This can provide you with more control over how you manage your recordings.


  1. Risk of data loss: The SD card may become corrupted or damaged, which could cause the footage to be lost.
  2. Lack of secure backup: The footage is not backed up in a secure location, which could put your privacy at risk if the SD card is lost or stolen.
  3. Potential compatibility issues: The SD card may not be compatible with the video doorbell or work correctly with the device. This could cause problems with the recording or accessing the footage.

Local Storage with HomeBase vs SD Card

HomeBaseSD Card
More DurableLow-quality SD Cards can easily be broken and data will be lost
Fixed Storage Capacity: You can’t upgrade your HomeBase storage capacityUpgradeable: SD Card capacity can be upgraded easily
Place inside your home: HomeBase is placed inside the home, so its bell is more secure.Place outside along with the doorbell: SD Card inserted in the doorbell, so someone can steal or remove it
More Expensive: Homebase must be bought along with a doorbell, and usually more expensiveCheaper: SD Car can be purchased separately, even some doorbells already included an SD Card
Compatibility issues: HomeBase is usually only compatible with certain doorbell models.SD Card can be used for any doorbell

Doorbell with Homebase usually has a large battery capacity that makes doorbell run for 6 months without charging. The doorbell with SD Card has a flexible storage capacity, that can be upgraded by replacing Sd Card with a larger capacity.